Three Station Moulds

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About Polyform Techno Tools

In wake of the current scenario in the packaging industry, hygiene, safety, longer shelf-life, sustainability & convenience have become the key words. Thermoformed products dominate the scenario right from bakery, dairy, sweets & namkeen, take-away deli containers for ready-to-eat food items to processed foods & agro-based products.

Realizing this immense potential, Mr. Bhavesh Bhojani, a qualified mechanical engineer and a hard-core visionary, backed by his vast experience of 30 years ventured to form Polyform Technotools. 

Polyform is the maker of thermoforming moulds.Polyform, a hallmark in the field of thermoforming mould manufacturing, today stands on the integrated values of reliability, innovation & precision – the first choice of thermoformers, across the globe.

Three Station Mould Products

PET Hinged Box making 3-Station Thermoforming mold

Application: Designed for manufacturing PET Hinged Boxes

Type: 3-Station Thermoforming Mold

Functionality: Enables the efficient production of PET Hinged Boxes

Versatility: Suited for a range of PET materials

Innovation: Represents advanced technology in thermoforming for hinged box production.

Pressure Forming

Process: Involves heating a thermoplastic sheet and using compressed air for moulding

Result: Produces intricate, high-quality plastic parts

Characteristics: Fine details, sharp lines, and a smooth surface finish

Applications: Ideal for aesthetically demanding parts

Versatility: Widely used in automotive and consumer goods industries

Advantages: Achieves intricate designs while maintaining tight tolerances

PP Meal Tray and Lid making 3-Station Thermoforming mould

Application: Specifically designed for PP Meal Tray and Lid production

Type: 3-Station Thermoforming Mold

Efficiency: Optimized for seamless and precise manufacturing processes

Functionality: Streamlines forming, cutting, and stacking in a single operation

Convenience: Enables simultaneous production of matching meal trays and lids

Durability: Crafted for long-lasting and reliable performance

Performance: Enhances production speed while maintaining high-quality standards

Innovation: Represents advanced technology for modern and efficient packaging solutions

Cutting with Steel Rule Dies

Method: Cutting with Steel Rule Dies

Purpose: Ensures precision and accuracy in material fabrication

Components: Involves a steel rule embedded in a wooden or plastic base

Versatility: Widely used in packaging, printing, and die-cutting industries

Cost-Effectiveness: A budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality

Intricacy: Enables cutting of intricate designs and shapes

Consistency: Delivers consistent results for high precision and efficiency.

Auto Stacking

Purpose: Streamlines material handling through automation

Process: Utilizes automated systems for stacking and organizing materials

Eliminates Manual Intervention: Reduces the need for manual stacking

Versatility: Applicable to both finished products and raw materials

Efficiency: Accelerates production processes and minimizes errors

Applications: Widely used in manufacturing, logistics, and packaging industries

Benefits: Increases productivity, reduces labor costs, and improves overall workflow.