Single Station Moulds

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About Polyform Techno Tools

In wake of the current scenario in the packaging industry, hygiene, safety, longer shelf-life, sustainability & convenience have become the key words. Thermoformed products dominate the scenario right from bakery, dairy, sweets & namkeen, take-away deli containers for ready-to-eat food items to processed foods & agro-based products.

Realizing this immense potential, Mr. Bhavesh Bhojani, a qualified mechanical engineer and a hard-core visionary, backed by his vast experience of 30 years ventured to form Polyform Technotools. 

Polyform is the maker of thermoforming moulds.Polyform, a hallmark in the field of thermoforming mould manufacturing, today stands on the integrated values of reliability, innovation & precision – the first choice of thermoformers, across the globe.

Single Station Mould Products

Cups for Beverages

Size: Dia 72mm – 32 Cavity design

Forming Area Compatibility: Suitable for 650mm x 350mm forming areas

Application: Tailored for bio-cup production processes

Innovation: First of its kind in India

Performance: High-speed thermoforming capabilities

Precision: Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind

Revolutionary Design: Sets new standards for efficiency in thermoforming industry.

Cups & Containers for Dairy Products

Size: Dia 95mm – 12 Cavity configuration

Forming Area Compatibility: Suitable for a 650mm x 350mm forming area

Application: Designed for Dairy Container manufacturing through thermoforming processes

Innovation: Pioneering solution for Dairy Container production

Performance: Optimal efficiency in thermoforming operations

Precision: Crafted with precision to meet industry standards

Versatility: Accommodates the unique requirements of Dairy Container manufacturing

Advanced Design: A technological advancement for enhanced production processes.

Round Containers and Lids for food packing

Size: Dia 118mm – 10 Cavity design

Forming Area Compatibility: Ideal for a 650mm x 350mm forming area

Application: Tailored for manufacturing Round Containers using in-mould cutting thermoforming processes

Innovation: Cutting-edge solution for Round Container production

Performance: Ensures optimal efficiency in in-mould cutting thermoforming operations

Precision: Crafted with precision to meet stringent industry standards

Versatility: Accommodates diverse requirements of Round Container manufacturing

Advanced Design: Represents a technological leap for enhanced production processes.

Rectangular sweet boxes and Meal Tray

Type: Trim-in-place thermoforming mould

Cavity Configuration: 2 cavities for simultaneous production of 2 trays

Operation: Common mother mould with interchangeable parts for producing 2 lids at-a-time

Efficiency: Enables the concurrent production of trays and lids for streamlined manufacturing

Flexibility: Changeable parts for versatile production processes

Innovation: Represents an advanced solution in thermoforming technology.